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Hi WWIS I remember you being on here before and am full of admiration that you have come back to give it another go.

I can tell you about things which help me stay gamble free when my will power fails. I have a gambling blocker on my internet devices (currently I just have a phone). It’s called Gamban and I started with a free trial – I put off getting it for years because it costs – but it has saved me thousands.

I cancelled my bank cards and got someone else to open the new ones and scratch the last three numbers on the back. This means I cannot use them online at all but can still use in shops.

That’s just two things which I find particularly helpful.

I am no different to you WWIS- just in the end I couldn’t take  it anymore and knew I had to cut it out of my life completely with no small doors left open- just in case !

I hope this helps – you can stop and stay stopped.