Hi friends,

It’s been a while since I was here, and things are quite similar. Apart from my job, i work outside the house 3 days a week: which I love!

My hb is gamble-free and will be for two years soon. His unstable emotions and touchy attitude is still hard to handle. Yet again, he accuses me of having an affair but…I don’t care anymore what he thinks as I know The truth and that I am honest.

After long days at work or minding the kids there’s nothing that depletes me more than good old arguments with Mr.hotpants/ touchy who cannot recognize a joke nor let me “be”.

I refuse to be pulled down and I do wonder sometimes “why ” i am sticking around. Still.
Is it fear? Is it finances? Is it doubt whether I do love him still? Will he change? Have I given up?

Talk to you soon. He is at GA so i can go to bed calm, serene and EARLY. 🙂