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High risk situations:
High-risk situations involve those situations where you find it particularly difficult not to gamble, drink or use drugs or act out your behaviours. High-risk situations include your emotions, thoughts, places, events and people.

For example:
“I was starting a new job and I just didn’t want to stuff it up. I was so anxious about it and I didn’t know what was expected of me.” “It was my birthday and they want to celebrate in a restaurant beside the casino. It was to celebrate. I couldn’t say no.”

Jot down your possible high-risk situations:

This includes good and bad moods and boredom. For example:
“I just got a job, so I had to celebrate.”
“I was just walking down the street and my creditor came up and started hassling me. I was just so stressed out, I couldn’t cope, so I gamble.”

Jot down your high-risk feelings:

Your thoughts are those things that say to yourself that make you want to use. For example:
“I am nothing but a no good gambling addict. I’ll never be able to give up.”
“It’s just one time. One time won’t hurt, I deserve just one more fun.”

Jot down your high-risk thoughts:

This includes anyone that when you hang around them, makes you want to gamble. It could include your parents, mates, parole officer etc. For example:
• hanging around with your using mates; and
• hanging around with people who stress you out.

Jot down your high-risk people:

For example:
• places where you used to gamble;
• places where other people are gambling;
• suburbs where casino or slot joint is located; and
• places where you used to gamble.

Jot down your high-risk places:

My reasons for change: