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We cannot do it alone , Kin
When I first started school at age 5 I was taught by a very old nun who had also taught my mother.
Every day before class we had a prayer (these were the good old days when people acknowledged their Creator!!!)
After the prayer, she would cast her eyes to heaven and join her hands in her private prayer which she spoke out loud;
“I can do nothing, You can do all”!
She knew she needed help to deal with a class of 5 year olds. (Those nuns never retired. They were ageless)
The funny side of the story, Kin was when my mother asked what the nun said , I told her “She said she can do nothing and I can do everything”
Even at 5 years old I thought I could manage the Human Race!
How wrong I was.
Today we surrender ourselves to the HP, Kin.
He is the Creator
We are mere creatures.
How right that old nun was!!