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As suspected I had an absolutely fantastic weekend. Spent Saturday at my moms house, my brother and sister were there too and my niece and nephew, they are so adorably innocent and hilarious. I hope some day I am fit to be a mother.

Went out with my boyfriend and a couple of friends yesterday, the weather was incredible! We were outside at a local country estate and we all had a picnic and drinks, it was just a perfect summers afternoon.

Unfortunately nothing lasts forever and my fella drove back to work for the week yesterday evening. Although on the plus side the fact nothing lasts forever also means that maybe, just maybe, this horrendous guilt for my addiction will some day leave me too.

Today has been an ok day as far as Monday’s go. Decent day at work and when I got back I decided to go for a run, something I haven’t done for years. Nearly talked myself out of it 10x but eventually bit the bullet. Jeeezz it was hard work!!! Didn’t manage to get very far before the run turned into a power walk! I suppose I have to start somewhere though.

One thing I’ve noticed is that I struggle when I’m on my own to focus on one thing. Once I had been for the run, showered, packed work stuff for tomorrow, cooked and ate tea – you would think I’d be happy for the chilled time on the sofa with the remote. But it’s like my brain can’t just relax and focus on one thing g when I’m alone. Watching a film with my fella is fine I can concentrate, but being on my own I’m constantly preoccupied whether it be texting my friends, checking social media, reading the news etc etc. I just can’t seem to switch off until the second I get into bed. Although that doesn’t always provide much respite either.

Anyway I’m off to London for work for the day tomorrow so have an early train to catch. Hope everyone is staying strong throughout the battle.

In unity