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Hi Frankie,
I thought id post in this thread, I didn’t realise you had 2 going, sticking to 1 is much better for you, you wont be jumping from one to the other.
So, I read your reply. I cant tell you what to do but I can tell you how I felt before payday.
The anticipation to gamble, for me (and this is just my perspective) was just as exciting as the gambling itself (until I lost everything that is)
Planning how to get the money, what to play, how much to play, all going round in my head before I even started. The build up of anxiety and excitement was massive.
I imagine he is in a great mood because he is getting paid and will have money.
I imagine, in his head he has said to himself that he either will not gamble, or will only gamble a little bit.
This addiction, I believe, is as real as drugs or alcohol. I would get a physical pain, the urge would be so great. I always saw my addiction as a little monster on my shoulder, continuously whispering sweet nothings to me. My every thought would be of gambling, how, when, where, it was all consuming. I doubt I ever heard a word my family said to me while I was in action, I wasn’t ‘present’ for such a long time.
So, in saying all that, his intentions may be totally honourable. The addiction will have other ideas.
I don’t know your boyfriend, I can only go on my experience. This addiction is progressive. Like any illness, medication is needed, be that group therapy, exclusion, one on one therapy, GA meetings, we are all different and what works for one may not work for the other.
Unfortunately though, your boyfriend needs to be the one to make that call. If he doesn’t want to stop, he wont. This addiction sucks out your soul. Its not easy to stop, but it can be done.
I’m not sure what you should do. Trust your gut.
I truly hope that your boyfriend decides to stop gambling. In the end, no one can decide that except him.
Have a read of the other posts on this forum. There are some wonderful people here who have all been there, who can direct you with understanding and experience.
You are not alone.
I wish you the very best Frankie,
Love K xxxxx