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Thank you for your post!
I’m sure he loves me too!!!
When hes had a few too many he has always liked to gamble.
I used to like it when he had a few too many cause I knew we would gamble together, and lose!!! Not a great drive home I can tell you right now!!!
My exclusion is a blessing.
We woke up Sunday morning and went shopping. It was a great morning!
I said to him in the car, aren’t you glad we didn’t gamble? We wouldn’t be shopping that’s for sure?
He said, that exclusion thing you’ve got is brilliant. We would have been broke this morning, and instead we are shopping it up!!! (mind you, most of it was for him lol!!!)
It was a good day.
Glad to read you are gamble free, we are all a work in progress Mav, plodding is a good thing!!!!
Take care,
Love K xxxxx