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Home from an evening out with family. Banking appointment went fine but snafu with the paperwork, computers, great when the work not so great when they take a break! So we took a lot longer due to waiting for the banks system to come back on line. I’m now exhausted.

So happy to hear you are starting counseling Liz! You are worth it. I hope you find a good match. Will pop by your thread tomorrow for a read.

You are right Vera. I was exactly the same. Living lies. Holding up a house of cards that was going to come crashing down sooner or later. Thanks for sharing too. Reminded me of the fakeness of it all.

I really did spend some quality time with my sisters and mother tonight. I treasure those moments. I am blessed to have siblings that would do anything for me and a mother that would move heaven and earth. Same as I for them. Since the loss of my dad I appreciate them even more. And they are the same which is a blessing. Not all families are a joy! I no longer have any secrets from them. I used to hide from them because I didn’t want them to know what was going on with my life. Now I am a take it or leave person with them. This is me.