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They say Honesty is one of the keys to recovery Steph
Personally, the best I could do on that score was to be honest with myself. I told my husband as much as he could bear to take in. I think its unfair to burden people unnecessarily.
The problem with lying is, it becomes a habit and we need a good memory.
This is not the time to crucify yourself Steph. The money is gone. It won’t be coming back.
Can you protect the other two thirds of your salary?
You might not be able to account for that amount so easily.
No real self exclusion where I live either. Just word of mouth, but banning from a venue where you are well known means you lose face when you go back.
I don’t like losing face.
Or money, of course.
When is your hubby coming home?
Can you chain yourself up until he arrives?