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The most EFFECTIVE and HONEST way in recovery is also the most HUMBLE and HARD WORKING ones. These people put in effort and works hard to stay gamble free everyday especially on a bad day.

It did not happen naturally, it was not a co incident or accident. It was a choice and well informed decision. They have accepted that they cannot gamble anymore.

REGARDLESS of what happen in life


Gambling was not their option, it was not their solution. They made no excuse to gamble.

You want to know my falsehood and lies. Allow me to share with you my lies. I thought and feel that gambling on some day is “OK.” when it was “NOT OK”, it was “NEVER OK.” I have loads of excuses to gamble.

Personally I have struggle to stay honest and humble every day. Some day is not every day. It was better than no day but it was still not every day. This is NOT GOOD ENOUGH TO STAY OUT OF TROUBLE.

I have to learn to be honest by admitting my dishonesty. I have to learn to stay gamble free by admitting I gamble when I do. I had to work hard to keep the gamble free day, this is repeated everyday, one day at a time.

I have to DIE TO LIVE, and SURRENDER TO WIN, Each gamble free day is a celebrated success for an OUT OF CONTROL compulsive problem gambler. This is really simple and nothing to a normal person but everything to us. Our LIFE AND DEATH depends on it. 

Counting days is a commitment. Every little baby steps forward  gives strength, hope, motivation and encouragement to the person.

There are good days and bad days. On a bad day, it is easier and less painful to gamble than to not gamble. it take a lot more commitment, determination, willpower, effort and pain to add one more gamble free day on a tough day .

I really take my hat off and salute everyone doing this now, you are my hero and role model.