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Hope your mom appreciates all you and your family are doing for her Lizbeth. It seems from what you write that she will never change. I still suspect there is some sort of dementia going on albeit that she was always an awkward personality. I was surprised that they didn’t carry out some scans while she was in hospital, but I suppose they were concentrating on her physical recovery. I think you need to be very firm with her and tell her you cannot look after her unless she curbs her tongue. I know you want the best for her but you need to consider your own needs too. If the thought of looking after her is so stressful that it is giving you urges to gamble you really need to put some home care plan in place with her medical /nursing team as kPat mentioned. Don’t wait until you are spun out Lizbeth. If your health is affected lots of things will come to a halt.
Thank you for your advice on my thread. I really have no experience with Insurance claims. Thankfully this is my first time to have to deal with a claim. I had an email from my Insurance firm today, saying the Other Party has accepted full liability for repair to my car (It seems it can be repaired. At first they said it could be written off) . I think from what you said I will have to engage a lawyer to look after the medical expenses. I need to see a physiotherapist ASAP according to my GP. The immediate problem is I don’t have any available funds upfront. My husband would pay but I hate having to ask him. He knows now that I’m broke as a result of gambling but pride prevents me from begging from him. I would prefer to suffer for ever than see him paying but if I could be sure of an Insurance refund I could go ahead and accept his help. I tend to convince myself that physical symptoms will go away if I ignore them. Hubby tends to sweep things under the carpet too, and tells me to life is not a bed of roses and to accept that people my age get aches and pains!!! Very consoling!!!! I feel like screaming at him. I am screaming at him but It’s only hurting my neck more and more!