I always say there is only one thing worse than being a CG and that is having to live with one!
For now, I would say do nothing. Issuing ultimatums leaves us in a weak position Tell him you are not against him. Tell him you want him to stay and that the kids love him too. Support and help is available IF he wants it. Try to get him to read this site and maybe join in. There is no shame in being a CG There is a lot of help available. Don’t tolerate any BS !!!
As I said concentrate on yourself but don’t shut him out. I can tell you he is going through hell right now. Withdrawal from gambling is as bad as withdrawal from drugs. He will be restless, agitated and irritable. Frantic for a bet!
NOT YOUR PROBLEM! Remember that!!!
Support him but don’t enable him.
He needs to man up and take responsibility for his own actions . Keep the lines of communication open but be prudent.
Would he go to a GA meeting? It will be a good chance for him to talk to other CGs who totally understand where is is at right now.
You will get lots of help here from F and F. join in the chat groups and keep posting!
I’m only speaking from the side of a CG!
There are many aspects and solutions to this problem Give it time!