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When I was an active gambler, I always hope very strongly that some things will happen although you know it is not likely.
I hope that I can win enough money to settle the bills, and I will stop gambling. Many times I won, the bills were paid for the month but I never stop gambling, because there is always new bill to pay in the new month and there is always new opportunistic gamble in the not so long future.
Gambling winnings was real quick money and little hard work is required. It is a very attractive form of finding money. The temptation, the lure, the false hope is all very strong.
I hope that I can gamble one more time and stop. When I win, I did not stop because I want to win some more. When I lost, I did not stop because I hate the feeling of losing my money, I want to win it back and continue gambling.
When I do not have enough money, I hope that by gambling, I can grow the money but most of the time, I lost everything ending with no money and even more problems than before.
Every disaster starts with the harmless and deceptive first bet, regardless of how much surplus fund I had, the size of the bet, the frequency of the bet and the type of gamble. The ending for me was all the same.