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Hi Logic,
Sorry for the delay in getting back to you properly. My week has been busy Logic, thanks for asking. I have been out riding with my sister and had a visit from my partner. My son has autism and I home educate plus I have been trying to pick up with my business again recently, so never a dull moment!

It is good to hear that there has been some sort of movement from your CG any kind of admittance of the problem has to be a step in the right direction doesn’t it. It sounds as if you handled the situation well and your different approach caused a different reaction, don’t be surprised if goes back into his shell again though,

I am glad you have your holiday to look forward to, what ever happens try not to let worry or events spoil that, stay focused on you and your needs. Time away can give you time and space to process things clearly and you may come back with a fresh perspective.

Like me you live separately from your partner and that affords a good safety net for you to protect yourself from any financial impact, however hard it is to see him struggle it is all down to him now. You have been very honest with him about his gambling and allowed him space to open up, now it really is up to him to seek help from here. By staying strong in yourself, taking time out when you need it, addressing your own needs and working on yourself as you have been the road through for you will become clearer and things will begin dropping into place.

Be kind to you, one day at a time, Lily x