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Goodbye Yesterday

I too fell into a trap with sports betting. A so called friend solicited me in a text to set me up with an online bookie back in August 2018. I knew better that it was not a good idea and ignored him at first. He would follow up to see if I had checked up the site yet. Eventually, I gave in and started betting. Lost 5k in matter of a few weeks. Took a break for about a month and a half and started up again.

In November and early December I went on a winning streak 4 weeks in a row and won over 8k. I was back even now, and up a little overall. I felt so good! I then went in a downward spiral as the Holidays approached. By mid-January I was 20k in the red. My so called friend loves to bet golf. I kept on asking him who the big winner was going to be week after week to make up all of my loses with 1 win. The hole I was digging just kept getting bigger until I was buried up to my head. By the time it was all said and done, I had lost 30k and created 10k of new debt for myself after being debt free for almost two years.

On February 9, 2019, I hit my low and breaking point. I came forward and told my wife everything that happened. She had no idea I was betting like this as I used accounts without her name on it. It felt like a ton of bricks lifted off my back by being honest with her. We are doing ok and trying to work through everything. 25 days now with no bets for me!

You can do this as well! In the end you will feel much better. How is your progress coming? I’m pulling for you!