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The gold

You’re doing great man. I am only on day 5 and am already envious of your progress. It is great that you are sharing so much as every little bit of your emotions you share could help prepare others for what they might go through. So far I have told my girlfriend and my two older brothers. The worst feeling I have is that I lost a special part of myself along the way. I used to consider myself an honest and honourable man but I was so stubborn about winning it all back that I lied to my gf along the way. She asked me 6 months ago if i was gambling and i just straight up lied. She is an amazing person and a part of me is saying at the moment i don’t even deserve her. We are still talking right now but i wouldn’t blame her for deciding we can’t be together. It’s hard to come back from something like this and i hope she gives me a chance .

Time to get addicted to saving. That is the narrative i now need to follow.