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I agee that perspective regarding how badly others are suffering makes a difference in how I am coping with our debt. I applaud you on having a budget. I am not really able to budget just yet. The damage to my finances is very bad. I can only creep up on making a dent.
ALL that worry aside. I am not homeless. We have food to eat and jobs to go to. We have our health. I am able to say we because I still have a family. These are major blessings that many many people in this world do not have.
I have read your posts. You have these blessings too. (Your family may look different than mine), but they love you and you them. I see you as having optimism, hope for a better future. I see the bond you have with your son. You love animals and care about their treatment. You have had a rough time of things and have saught help. I think you are doing terrific and One Day at a Time is the perfect way to live. None of us could do it any better.
How do you eat an elephant?
One bite at a time:)