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I agree kPat. Nothing compares to the “buzz”. Equally nothing compares to the hangover, the stress, the grief, the loss or the terror etc etc etc.
We can’t have one without the other.
As for your son…my gut reaction is to SHAKE the truth out of him but that day is gone, I’m told.
I would hide the car keys forever.
My son stole my husband’s jeep at 3am one Saturday night, while under the influence of alcohol when he was 17, crashed it and nearly killed himself. Did serious damage and of course never paid back a penny. The good thing was he told the truth. (He could have crawled home to bed and it would have appeared the jeep was stolen and crashed) Water under the bridge now, but I blamed his father for allowing him to bring his friends to the house (which he was forbidden to do when I was on night duty )and allowing them to drink alcohol. They were underage. For getting drunk himself . Going to bed and leaving 5 or 6 youngsters unsupervised. With car keys left available. To this day when that “boyo” comes home, I hide the car keys under the pillow and will do forever more.
I would prefer my children told me the truth kPat but parents need to lead by example too.
Maybe I should have hidden the keys on myself yesterday
My neck is killing me from yesterday’s impact.
A bit like a gambling hangover. Thank God I wasn’t in the wrong!