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I agree Liam!
The slot machines give relief but eventually they will ruin a CG. Its the weakness in us that makes us stay until we have lost our last cent. I often “fell” out of casinos feeling like a drunk after spending ten-twenty hours there in a trot. I would be literally in a state of collapse Could hardly find my way home with a cup of petrol in the car , freewheeling to spare it! Is that the kind of life you want! I don’t! Not any more! I have self destructed for too long Time to WAKE UP!
Take a fool’s advice and get help from your GP. Maybe you are clinically depressed?
Try to look at the positive side of things . Its easy to stop gambling when we DON’T feel the urge. The real test comes when we do! We have to train our minds/wills to say NO NO NO!
Then you will feel better about yourself.
The pain you feel now can lead to growth. Dont waste it!