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I agree totally Vera –
This addiction has to be completely Starved .
There can be no half measures.

I can’t say anyone has told me anything I didn’t want to hear – but to be honest I have heard most of it for years- it was just I guess I didn’t act on it .

I’m not sure I have ever had my ego stroked – maybe by my husband when he was wooing me lol- I’m not even really sure what that means in terms of gambling addiction. I have had people encourage me and people make me feel I could never do it. If encouragement is stroking my ego I will take it every time . It helps me a lot .

I have worked hard my whole adult ,even on weekends and holidays as a teen. I have also always done the best I could by my child at any time although I completely recognise that that best would have been so much better if I had not been gambling .
You are spot on about our perception being flawed – after almost a week I can see things so much more clearly for what they are and I’m sure that is apparent in my posts