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I am loving being home! I have been working out and spending time with my Mom. I have been able to get a few small projects done and I am working on a picture wall! I have made the Thanksgiving dinner menu. I am making most of the dinner. My Mom is bringing the rolls and pies (store bought). She told me that she really didn’t want to cook and that’s alright. Tomorrow there are 2 holiday craft and arts bazaars in town. My Mom and I are going. I think it is good to get out and about. Sometimes it is easier for me to stay home and I could easily become a recluse! LOL!! I have been making a big effort to eat healthy and exercise. I have lost 5 pounds this week. It’s a start!! I haven’t thought of gambling since my last post. I am trying to keep busy. Sunday I plan on finishing the cleaning of my storage shed. I am giving half of my Christmas tree decorations to my Daughter. It’s good to purge! I hope everyone has a great gamble free day!!