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I am really thankful for the support you are giving me. I was feeling trapped at home and confused, even about going out for a walk. I came here and saw your messages, P and Monique, And felt how good it feels to have some one who cares. I already feel a bit better. yesterday and today I haven’t been able to go out as I was feeling very low in spirit. I may go later tonight for a walk and come back to tidy up my flat. so On Monday I can feel better and go after some thing positive. I am always worry. It is a bad habit that I have to work on. I want to start to work on my memory and learning. I have this dream to go to university again and study and get a degree. I borrowed some algebra books from library to study, but still have not started. tomorrow, to go to My GP, and ask for another sick note, find some one to help me with my appeal, and tribunal against dwp. I feel nervous, but It will pass. Tomorrow I think about all the worries, let it go today. I did not feel like gambling today. thanks to all of you here.