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I am the same Faye. I will go to 3 diffrent grocery stores to save a few bucks…. I was just sitting here thinking between this relapse and the around 45 days ago I blew 6000.00. It makes me want to throw up when I think about the relapse before these two. I can’t even remember the amount but it was prior to Labor Day and I know it was over 5000.00. Holly crap! I am surprised I am not in a nut house.. headed that way if I do not figure out what works for me and stick to it. 2 years ago I had zero debt and excellent credit. I fixed and trashed my credit at least 3-4 times in one lifetime. As they say “if nothing changes.. nothing changes. Vera you are correct. Places like that rely on crazies like me. I sent them an email anyways requesting they close it. I know it’s not hard to re open but it would take some effort on my part so could be somewhat of a road block.