I am trying to get familiar with the site and look forward to using the resources available. Here is what i want to get out of this; how do i live with a CG? How to i talk to him when he is gambling and when i need him to help me with things? Do i ignore him and just do everything myself while he sits at the computer and TV putting in his bets and watching them? When he expresses his anger to me, what do i do? Do i let him talk down on me? or do i talk back?
He gambles daily and when he’s not he is searching for more money to gamble. I get very frustrated with him, but i’m realizing that yelling at him about his addiction doesn’t help at all. It only frustrates me more and makes me feel like i’m stuck at square one. It’s hard for me to seperate the CG from the nice guy he is deep down. How do i deal with him after he gambles when i am so frustrated?