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I arrived at work 45 minutes early yesterday as the roads were good. Now that I’ve driven in winter conditions, I am no longer as stressed about winter driving anymore. My shift last night was physically and emotionally exhausting as I’m learning new things. I was asked to work a double shift from midnight to 8:00 am after my evening shift yesterday. I asked to let me think about it, and after thinking about it, I decided that self-care necessitated that I refuse the shift. Then I was called today which is a day off, to come in and work the reception desk and again I refused as I have other plans for today. I was hired as casual but am scheduled for three days this week. I can foresee being scheduled for fulltime hours in the not too distant future. Working part-time right now allows me to build my stamina up, to be able to work fulltime. (((Vera))) I cannot imagine how you worked full-time 12 hours shifts, as I would be a walking zombie if I had to do that!! Today I’m tidying up my house, doing laundry, and cleaning my bathroom. I actually wore make-up 5 days out of the past 7. Wearing make-up may not seem like anything big but it’s something I’ve done rarely in almost 2 decades. To me it’s another step in self-care as I feel more attractive wearing it. All that walking is also going to be helpful in my weight loss efforts, but it also makes me much hungrier. I am feeling better about myself and feel that I’m contributing to society in general by working. I am taking everything a day at a time!!! Carole