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I believe you should give it to where you are being supplied by The Word. I am not Catholic, but if your church is filling you up spiritually, then that is where I would give it. If it is a Bible believing church then God will use it for His purpose. Titheing was an old testament thing to support the Levites who were not given land when they were delivered out of Egypt. They were the ministers. So what Vera has posted makes sense to me. It is to support pastors and the church essentials like paying for utilities and to keep God’s house a place of refuge. I would not want to list a specific denomination as where to tithe, because there are good churches and not so good churches in every denomination. I tithe to where I go to be fed. I sometimes give to other places, but that is what I think of as an offering. An offering is an amount above the tithe, it is for something special, like foreign ministry or a homeless shelter, like that…
I am no expert, this is just what I believe to be true. Our pastor never talks about tithing. I was convicted by listening to sermons from the radio. Happy, you should listen to David Platt. He is young, but really old school in his messages.