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I went back to gambling on my modality, (slots, casino games) after 3 years of abstinence. After a few weeks I was as bad as ever and knew I had to stop. I also tried gambling by other methods (lottery, scratch-cards) and although they didn’t take off in the same way, I didn’t like the mind games and emotions they invoked – so gave them up as well. I now consider myself a non-gambler.

I don’t feel depressed about that. I feel my life has expanded a lot, now that I am not spending hours in rooms with no windows and clocks – watching bright flashing lights and spinning wheels. I saw life without gambling as a challenge which I have met head on. There are other, safer ways to make money which might not give you the thrills – but will make your life much more interesting in the long run. If you want thrills – use the money to by waterskii lessons, sky dive or whatever works for you. You need to find your own way. I wish you well.