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I can relate to the work stress. I have a quarterly project that was due on Mon. Hoping to get it completed tomorrow and submitted (Thurs.) Late……..
On top of that a nearby branch is short staffed and they have asked me to cover there on Friday. Sure… why not? They’ve just added 3 hours of driving to my day. No problem (sarcasm)!
Then next week is a short week because of Memorial Day here. They want me to send one of managers to help that branch for two days next week and I have already approved for one mamager to have those same days off ( her son is graduating high school). No problem, I will have the short staffed branch, ha!
So like you have said, life is the same the world over. But there is a truth you and I can find here. GAMBLING DOESN’T HELP! I can’t even remember the last time I walked away even, let alone up. I can’t win anymore, because I can’t stop until all available money is gone.
I look forward to hearing about the new tools you add to your arsenal after this trip to GM.
What are you doing to secure your pay? If you don’t make plans in advance, I forsee you coming out of counseling worrying over that company card. Pay it! You will have to eventually anyway, you are too much the professional to not feel stress over it.
Praying for you and asking for clear thinking for you.