I can undesrand that is difficult when your cg is angry about everything but he tries to find his role..
Berber my first worry is you , I really im glad that you know that you can search and find the strength and the power to be calm. You know your role berber you are a mother with 2 children and that is your priority and your happiness.

I think that you hb doesn’t know his role. He doesn’t have a role .He is still searching He tries with the household and the kids but I think he needs something else ….
And when he see you he see a determine woman with a clear role . You choose to be a mother and you are doing it perfect. He sees that and he gets angry because his mind is not clear .
I don’t know if he works now berber ? Is he? Or he is all the time home with you and the kids and he Is going only to the meetings GA. 24 hours together it is a little difficult .
Someone stops nagging or be hard with the other when he has something else to think, something that give him a sense that he gives to his family too . He is the man he wants to be a step higher from you .I think that he is confused.
I know that you will handle the situation, you are very strong and I believe in you . And I hope now the summer to go somewhere and just relax. You deserve it
See you again soon
My lovely berber
Καλό καλοκαίρι
τι να πεις για τους άντρες, ?