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I can’t get enough of the forums!

I can’t keep up with these forums! I’m posting here there and everywhere, replying to everyone and everything!

With regards to my own post, what do you think I should do? Do I reply to each persons post, or do I just right my own post whenever I feel like it, and acknowledge that I’ve read people’s posts? I say what I want to say when I reply to everyone’s posts on my own thread, but I feel too drained and typed out to then write a post of my own on here (like right now)!

Not much else to add really, I’ve spoken to GH today and I’m going to be going the day after the 29th. I wont get back until Tuesday evening so I’m going to have to stay somewhere and go in on Wednesday morning. This isn’t a massive issue but nothing ever works out!! I’ve been told it’s not a problem, but I would’ve liked to have been there on the first day. No point in stressing about that though.

I’m stressing (only a little) about how bored I’m going to be there. I’m a VERY active person, I go out everyday, I love to do sports, socialize, play games, etc. I found out yesterday that we can’t even play card games! I mean I understand WHY, but what are we meant to do, locked in a house all day, with nothing to do? There’s only so many books you can read, and so much you can talk, right? Am I over analysing this, or am I missing something? I know it’s not a hotel spa, but I feel that I’m going to be pulling my hair out. I also love my music, I listen to music 8 hours a day at work, and after work too. They won’t allow us to take anything that I can think that plays music, apart from a radio, but that’s hardly listening to music. I know we have to sacrifice things, because we are going to be gaining a lot from being in there, but I’m just stressing at the thought of being in a prison like house for 14 weeks and getting to the point where I’m worse in there than where I am at the moment. Can someone who’s been in GH go through a typical day of what you do in there? What do you do for 16 hours every day?

Sorry, I’m really OCD and I don’t like the unknown. I like everything being ordered and knowing what I’m going to be doing and when, and people telling me “you’ll see what it’s like when you get there” doesn’t help, it makes me stress even more.

Anyway, I’m having a much better week this week, I’ve got my start date, my flights are booked, everything is sorted. Now I’ve just got to play the waiting game, and enjoy my last few weeks before I go back.

Take care all, and thanks for the support.


EDIT: I have just spoken to Amy AGAIN and she has answered all of my questions. Knowing that we actually will be able to go out shopping, doing sport, and on Saturday’s a group activity, I feel much more comfortable.