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I can’t remember the last time I felt a thrill other than anger from betting in the past month. It use to be so fun.

The last sting got me really got, It happened 11 days ago.
LA Kings, last team left on a four team parlay.
3 of the 4 games already won.
$15,000 return. I’m tuned in.
Game on.
Sharks get a goal 3 minutes in, I already know whats coming.. I want to puke. I knew I should of hedged!! WHY AM I SO GREEDY!!!! My buddy was there with me trying to calm me down, don’t worry man. there’s still plenty of time left but i knew it was already over. Ive been here before, Sharks get another one. 2-0 with half the game left.. Kings finally score 2-1 with 5minutes left in the game.

Game over. 2-1 sharks.
Bet lost. $15,000 slipped right outta my hands.
I didn’t leave my bed the next day.