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I don’t know where to start describing this weekend. Last week was tough. A let down after the wedding and then a busy week that followed. We had friends come to visit from out of town Friday night. We went to our cottage Saturday. Worked to close things up and were at the trailer Saturday planning to stay Sunday night also. Had a nice dinner with my brother and SIL. Point…much needed time with husband. Feeling good about things in general. Then..Sunday AM .. text from my daughter..her boyfriend of three years has broken up with her. We packed things up and headed home. She is devastated. Our new DIL spent the day with her. What a blessing ! Her brother loves her, but he can not provide the comfort that her new sister was able to provide. I made her a nice dinner. She hardly ate any of it. she then asked me to rub her back. She laid in front of the fire and I rubbed her back. I was thinking as I was rubbing her back that I was rubbing away her broken heart. I wish it were that easy. I can’t say I am devastated because he never gave much to our family. I never felt that he was devoted or totally in love with our daughter. And, now, I guess, he has provend that to be true.

My wish has always been that she would meet someone who gets her and who appreciates her like we do. Who thinks she is as amazing as we, someone who thinks she is more amazing than we do. He was not that someone.

I was lucky enough to find that someone. I want that for my daughter. I know my son is that man for his new wife. If I could bottle up the look on my son’s face as his bride walked down the isle, I would send it to every woman in the world…especially to my daughter!

Relationships are complicated, and he is not a bad guy. I am just saying that my daughter deserves someone who thinks she is the stars and the moon because, well, that is what she is…