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I found out today , two weeks ago my father in law gave my husband £300 to basically help my CG with his little home made business that he started after he was clear of gambling for few months.
I obviously knew he’s got money from somewhere and I thought he has changed his allowance from my f.i.l. to his account. His parents and sisters think he isn’t playing and I just don’t know if to tell them.I know if do tell them there’s gonna be another big fight in the family and as my CG says they already have lots of problems. His parents and all family is not approving his gambling addiction, they know it causes a massive problem, his mum always says she is so sorry he is doing it to me. But crying, begging, fighting, setting new rules doesn’t help. And I know if they find out my CG will be so nasty to me, grumpy and god knows what else. I don’t think I am ready for another fight..and my children… i don’t want them to face another shouting and listening to crazy words their CG dad says about me…nothing of which is true. I can’t say I’m perfect as nobody is but I never have done anything to hurt him, lied to him or said bad about him in front of our children. I have always looked after him, he has dinner, clothes ready and everything as normal everyday. And I have never ever complained to anyone about anything else of him except gambling and things that it causes. And I can’t say we haven’t got food, clothes and simple things you need in this life but that’s only because I fought for it. Few years ago after a massive fight I went to my in laws and stayed for few days. After my husband came and smashed the door glass cuz nobody opened( as we all knew if he comes there will be another fight) so we called police and they took me and kids to a hostel for one night. After that I went back cuz like always believed in my CG manipulations. Then I said he has to change the benefits ( yes! He gets benefits, he’s a lazy geek sat all day at home) so we can have shopping and things for kids as they need. So now since then every week me and my in laws go shopping together, his dad gives me my husband’s money in the car and that’s the way it goes. So today his mum asked me did he use that £300? And I was shocked and I said I didn’t know anything about it. I think they realised he started playing again, but need my confirmation.and I didn’t say anything.I just said I’ll ask him what happened. I’m not ready for the fight, for the arguments. I know I’m leaving it and making it worse but how can o sort it out without getting everyone involved? If I tell one person all will find out. That’s how it is in his family. Everyone wants to know but no one knows what to do! And my kids need peace now, as they go school and they doing so good there my 5 years old son is progressing so well he might do two years in one. I don’t want to mess their routine and I know if there is a argument there is a lot of shouting, crying and bad words. I don’t know.. Sorry for my baby language and mistakes…I hope someone understood me..I tried my best to write in English.