I think there is something really special in a person who can say. I love someone who has this addiction. I see the person underneath despite what their addiction is showing me. That takes guts Madge.

Loving your husband is not a sign of weakness. Admitting that you love him does not give him power, it does not give the addiction power over you.

I know Madge and I wish all my hundreds of words That I have posted on here were visible for you to see right now but they are not ,but what I have said and what I will always say is that in the darkest moments there was no need for speech, we felt for each other and we both know what we felt and what was real.

The addiction had no power ultimatley, we held the power because what we had was real, the addiction wanted it but it never took it.

Our relaitionship is done but addiction never took it, it can never take what we had, although it seems impossibel.

I am not ashamed to post under my real name – which I do and I will never be ashamed to admit that I do still love a CG who was and is my best friend and that is how it will remain, all be it in the past.

I feel privaliged to have had this experience. it has just taught me so much. I have a life with new eyes and for that I guess I have to thank him – but not yet !!!!!!!!!!!

Jenny xx