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I have been living with this for over eight months now, knowing about the compulsive gambling; the gambling had been going on much longer than that. My CG has not gambled in 105 days, but we still are having challenges. Even after all this time and all the ups and downs it so hard to tell someone how to approach this situation. I’ve said it’s like potty training it’s not going to click until they are ready!! At least your CG has admitted he has a problem. My husband’s vice was the gaming cafes or internet cafes…video gaming machines. I wished we had the same option as you have at the casino’s to self ban.

I would have a very honest conversation and ask him to ban himself from the casino. I would under no circumstances give him access to the finances again. It’s a huge accomplishment that he turned over everything to you to begin with. I also feared he would eventually resent turning over the finances. That really never happened but I can tell that he would like to have some control back and I have only noticed that recently.

I know I am not really giving you an answer but in my opinion the most important thing is you are protecting your finances. By the time I realized what was going on and I got a handle on money our credit and finances were shredded and are only now getting back on track.

It is a very long road to travel. How are you doing? Have you found a gamanon group for yourself. I have found that to be a huge support for me, people who understand your feelings and the crazy life you are leading.