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You and I are both in the same boat. Literally! (This is my first post by the way. You brought me out of the proverbial shell and I thank you for that.)

– I am exclusively a sports bettor.

– Hockey is my best sport with political betting my second (which is going to make the upcoming months very tough for me).

– One of my largest bets was the Super Bowl on the Broncos (+ and ML) but my largest win EVER was GAME 7 of the Stanley Cup when the Penguins beat the Red Wings 2 – 1. Granted my win wasn’t as sweet as twenty grand but it was substantial (especially at that time).

– My account is down to the last few dollars (which gives me major anxiety).

– My last wager for this cycle of my account goes off tonight but it is not on the Royals. Instead it is on the early game, Giants -1.5.

– I have the same dreams/nightmares which is why, I guess, I try to sleep as little as possible.

– I want to stop and, kind of, hope that this is my last bet too.

We differ with these though:

– I have an income of one hundred grand a year plus/minus a few thousand depending on the year but my wife monitors it like a hawk which has pushed me to bet behind her back even though I committed to quitting quite a few years ago. Which I did for about a year only to come back and get much crazier.

– Until three weeks ago I was up quite a lot this year but am now “in the hole”. For me it is about five grand. Which, I realize, is nothing compared to many on here but if I don’t stop now I am going to spiral into a whole world of BAD/WORSE. Especially knowing that I have more than eighty grand of open credit sitting in my wallet and on a shelf at home. I have done everything within myself to not tap into it over the past two days.