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I have had a busy productive day .
I decided to go out for lunch on impulse and then remembered I am working on my impulsiveness and laziness so I made a meal instead – for a fraction of the price !

I then tackled one of those horrible cleaning jobs and roped hubby in to help.
A little every day to make my house look normal.
I wanted to paint a particular part of the house but it is a huge job- so We decided less impulsive meals out and pay a painter .
In all honesty two or three of my bingo trips will pay for the whole job.
In fact I could have had the whole house decorated inside and out with what I gambled in the last two months – but it is what it is .
No looking back – only forward .
Tomorrow is day 11- almost two weeks .
I have addressed some issues which needing addressing for my child’s happiness – I am on a roll – I set up some good stuff for him today.
Today I can’t think why I ever bothered with gambling but I won’t be getting complacent. ( I am writing that just to stop the nagging people who seem to look for a chink in the armour )
God has given me another undeserved chance . I have done nothing to earn this – so I don’t believe the old unbiblical and human quote ” God helps those who help themselves “. I believe eGod helps us all and we can never fall too low for His saving grace. We just have to reach out and ask for his help and accept it when it arrives – as Charles puts it – grab the helplines he sends.
So that’s me for now –
I am happy , motivated , working on my housework laziness and generally being a productive person.
I like it !