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Christmas was great! Afterwards I had a few triggers but didn’t give in. It was a long day as I traveled again to the city and back. I am quite perturbed with my youngest Daughter. Which started the stress and anxiety which are big triggers for me! She was on her phone constantly and had to go home today as she might have a date. Mind you she is 34 years old. Not a teenager. Also, I found out that where she and my Granddaughter are staying has no air or heat because the unit died and the people don’t have money to fix it. The place is a complete dump. She thinks its acceptable for her Daughter to live in that condition for 8 months. The summers are EXTREMELY HOT and now it is cold at night. Of course I voiced my opinion and she didn’t like it. I’ve given her $200 this month and bought diapers and wipes. She told me she hates the small town I live in and will never live here again. She isn’t working and has nothing but excuses. She can live anyway she wants but to subject her Daughter to it is beyond me. She wasn’t raised like that! I did spend a lot of time with my Granddaughter and will see her in 2 1/2 weeks as it will be my Grandsons birthday. Thanks for listening to my rant!!!