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If they do unban you – BAN YOURSELF AGAIN!

Is it really worth all the pain and anguish – both mentally and financially to feel as if you have escaped boredom for a few minutes.

I remember posting something a researcher in addiction said:  “relapsing doesn’t start with the bet.  It starts with the contemplation of it – the making plans for it – working out how you are going to do it.  You need to break off from this relapse NOW whilst you still can.

Also as much as anything – think of all the time you are wasting – coming on here, reading people’s stories, deciding not to gamble, posting on here and then going back to it – only to follow the circle all over again.  I am 62 and if I could get the 20 years I spent gambling and the 10 I spent relapsing back – I would bite your hand off.

As Chris has said – please talk to people – use the 1-2-1 on here or ring a local help-line.

I will be writing a post on being a non-gambler soon – but in short … you need to find something else which takes over your life.  Something other than work, that you feel excited about and gives you some purpose.  This could be setting challenges for yourself in fitness, education, the arts, languages …  Think about what you gave up to make room in your life for gambling whether in reality – or a dream you had that one day I will … 

I hope you can get through this.  I wish you well.