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I just wanted to thank you both for your replies. It means a lot for someone to take the time out to read and reply, it’s very much appreciated.

Velvet, I’m so glad u understood my story as I wrote it so quickly without clearly thinking just trying desperately to put everything across but so much was going thru my head I didn’t know if it’d make much sense to anyone.
Michelle, ur story was one that I came across last night and I have to say I also felt like I could relate massively especially because of our children!
I’ve tried desperately to understand this addiction but I guess no one can understand it completely, not even the cg in my case I don’t think. I’m so glad I’ve came across this site. Although reading some stories on the forum I felt horribly sorry for the other families etc as I could feel the pain as I read as if it was my own it was also the first time I didn’t feel so alone. I’ve never spoken to anyone who has experienced gambling as I have, I’ve always felt very much an outcast with this horrible problem and as friends n family maybe listen now and then I kno we r the topic of discussion and “she’s stupid for taking him back” attitude is probably universal. Thank you both again for your replies

Michelle xxx