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Because I read which team is playing which team in the news, I was tempted to gamble, however, the urge is very weak, I can still manage and don’t have to gamble at all.

But the story would be different and the real damage will be done after I have made a prediction and stare at the odds. I have already started the fire burning even though I was only gambling in the head.

It will be like cancer cells spreading, the emotional and physical urge would travel from my head to my heart to my whole body.

If I stare some more at the latest live result and odds, and if I entertain the thoughts to gamble, I will slowly lose myself, and become impulsive. All control would disappear. I would not be able to not rush down to place the physical bet.

This is how I fall into the trap I set myself up. I nurture this cub until it become a lion that was strong enough to devour me and I still ask myself the question where did the sudden and powerful uncontrollable urge come from…hahahaha