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I love reading your thread, Liberty. And thank you for posting to mine.
Strangely, all my worries about money, debt. loans, gambling etc etc just came to a standstill for a short while on Friday when that crazy woman sent me flying into what could have been kingdom come!
I found your “cupboard” story very interesting. When we were children I remember playing in the wardrobe. I think it was the CS Lewis influence. I thought if I got behind all those heavy coats and tweed skirts, I would be in Narnia….Maybe that could be at the root of my gambling too. Escape from Real Life.
Like you, I tend to put off dealing with things. Another CG trait maybe. I avoid dealing with financial and medical matters especially. Call it cowardice!
Well done on getting a Payment Plan in place. Let the experts do the worrying. Liberty. It really is outside your control. You know for years, I thought I was the Managing Director of the Human Race. Now I know I’m not. Really not!!
There are many many things outside my control. And yes, I do admit that I am totally powerless over gambling. It would be like jumping off a tall building and hoping to fly. (Maybe that explains your flying dream!)
As for the other dreams and the wakening with urges to gamble, I think these things are all par for the rocky course. I often woke and dressed myself and lay in the bed like a tense cat waiting to spring on a timid mouse, waiting to make the hour’s journey to be outside the casino when it opened with not a minute to spare. I would play games madly on my mobile phone as I drove (I’m very ashamed to say) and would have 50 euro in my hand ready to insert in the machine on arrival.
CRAZY crazy c r a z y…
If anyone told me that story I would say they should be locked up for their own safety.
Enough thread hogging. Charles will bawl me off!!
Gambling is for losers Liberty.
We are winners!
I hope you depression lifts.
Health is wealth but sometimes we just have to ride the storm.