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I made it to the store and picked up the bike for my Daughter to give to my Grandson for Xmas. I had a rebate debit card from my new cell phone provider so I used that to pay for 1/2 of the cost of the bike. I am sitting here with the doors open enjoying the breeze and sunlight. The handyman/neighbor is putting new motion lights up in my backyard and he cut back the shrub in my front yard earlier. He is going to clean out the gutters today also. Tomorrow I go back to the city till Friday. I need to pack a light bag latter. I would never go back there if it weren’t for my kids and grandson and of course court and the selling of the condo. It is so peaceful here and it suits me just fine. But I need to tie up the legal issues and selling the condo and I want to help with my Grandson. He didn’t want to leave yesterday. It was a tearful event even though I will see him on Tuesday. He says the new place feels like his home!!! I feel the same way.