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I read Velvet’s last long post to Ell with interest – as usual – I found things that resonated with me.

Not having thoroughly read all your posts Ell I still feel a connection with you from what Velvet said

“It is your husband’s acceptance of his addiction and his determination never to return to the dark abyss where gambling took him, that can give ‘you’ the ability to let go and live in the present.”
Wow – that is powerful. My cg said something like this to me this morning – I don’t remember the actual wording (i think I was too shocked!) but it was along the lines of “you will be able to trust me when I get to a place where doing what I have done in the past becomes abhorrent to me” to which I replied “like putting your hand in a blender?” and he said, “Yes, like putting my hand in a blender”.
So, this gives me hope – and knowing you have made so much progress gives me hope. So turtle or no turtle, as long as you move forward, it doesn’t matter when you arrive.
Progress, just progress…at your own pace.
With love