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I started my healthy eating plan three days ago and am delighted to see the first signs of weight loss . I guess because I have put on so much weight I will see much more immediate results . It has motivated me to keep going . I have decided that I deserve to be slim and to wear nice clothes as much as anyone else .

Something interesting just happened – we have a long weekend – hubby went out to two matches in the afternoons – today I said I was going to beauticians for an hour and he asked could I wait until he is in work as this is his day off ! I almost said yes but now I have realised that I need to show him that my needs are just as important – it was so subtle I almost missed how he considers himself more important . So that me off for a pedicure!

It got me thinking about how we value people – in our lives do we feel some people are more important than others? . Do we feel people from our country are more important than people from other countries ? Even here online , do we feel some members are more important than others ?

i guess none of us anywhere are indespensibe and we all end up the same in the end !

I like to remind myself that we are all equal so then how can I waste thousands while children around the world starve ? We are all equal I guess – we just don’t have equal wealth.