I started new posts, but gave it up; the browser crashed anyway … but for the moment, feel like I’m only talking to myself … get enough of that in everyday existence … pretty cold here and snowy. Have been working feverishly to find as many cans as possible before they are hidden by snow (as they are now).

Dr. appt., then off to Court to see what I can find out about this unlawful garnishment of my bank account. Also to storage to see if there is any arrangement I can make to keep from losing my things that are still there. No minutes on phone; can only text for now … no extra money. Hoping to get part time job shortly, but getting everything I’ve earned taken and no recourse … doesn’t help my motivation … especially since I am mostly bone tired … especially when I wake up … oh well, keep on plugging on through the injustice … gotta say, never believed such was possible in a supposedly “free” country with Constitutional rights … haha …. been learning more about the US than I ever wanted to know … surprised not to have an upset stomach to boot. Onward and upward …