I take Nomore’s point about mothers leaving children outside the casino….I have often seen very young children open the door to the “no go area” for them, calling “Mammy, will you come out please!” I know my “children” who were in their teens when I started gambling heavily did not like me going. My youngest, now in his 20s would get very angry. My older son said he “didn’t mind!” (He hates conflict) !When I went to counselling there were six sessions available free of charge for any family member affected by my gambling. All refused to attend.
I guess I” protected “them well!!!
The memories that haunt me though are those when my cell phone kept ringing and ringing and I kept knocking it off to prevent the caller (always my youngest son) from hearing the casino sounds in the background! I still feel sick when I think of the nights I left my sons waiting at various pick up points for hours in the dark and in the rain. I don’t know why that still haunts me but it does.
I remember sitting beside a woman who was nine months pregnant , barely able to balance on the stool, thinking “Her gambling days will be over soon!”. Six weeks later she was perched on the same stool with all her cronies congratulating her on the birth of her baby girl and her husband pleading with her on the mobile phone to come home and feed the baby. I must say it did baffle me to hear her tell him to “give her the soother, I won’t be long!” Proves that gambling has the first call on a CG. ALWAYS!
I hope and pray James, that your decision to move out/on will serve as a wake up call to your wife and bring her to her senses.
She, of course has her own side of the story to tell. Some CGs gamble to escape unhappiness and loneliness in their lives.
“Gambling runs lives”is the only FACT we can state with certainty. Every one has his/her own story. Some have a happy ending. Some end in tears!