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I too struggle with bad days. Bad pain days, bad anxiety days, lack of energy days. But I know that there will be good days again too. Try and treat yourself kindly on those days.

It can take up to two years for our brains to rebalance themselves after addiction. Here is a link that explains a little about it.

My gambling addictions counselor said this applies to gambling addiction as well. And in this article I’ve found it talks about how gambling increases the release of dopamine by up to ten times. So we aren’t addicted to a outside substance, we are addicted to that feel good release gambling gives us when we win. And we keep needing wins to get it.

Knowing that this will pass and that it is part of recovery made me feel a little better. Make the most you can out of the good days and maybe work on some feel good things for the bad days. A fragrant bubble bath, an easy meditation, a new puzzle to do. Something that makes you feel a little bit better and a little more comfortable in your own skin. Time to rediscover old hobbies or find new ones. But in the end, we just need to get through the day without a bet. Hope today is a better day.