I want to thank everyone that has responding to my story .. and my need for validation. I cant thank you enough. I have read what you each have written me many times over the last few days.. I read them and feel stronger.
Its crazy that I still seek validation even after having to sign contempt of court paperwork today because I haven’t received any child support .
And Saturday he tried to get money from me, my son, my sister and my mom. He went to a casino instead of my sons basketball tournament.. said he couldn’t get to my son because he gambled all his money away and had no money for gas. My son was 4 hours away from home… he chose to go gambling instead.. and please tell me why do I carry guilt for trying to be happy? How is it that he has no line .. I had to draw the line.. why not him? How is it that he has no consequences… losing his family wasn’t enough to make him stop this addiction.. it hurts so much .