I want to update on my current situation. I am adjusting very well to my new life. My daughter is going to preschool and she loves it. I enjoy being a single dad and I found out that I am a very good father. Right now I live so free and happy. Somehow this even has changed my life for the better. I had general anxiety my entirely life and my wife’s gambling problems only made it worst. Currently I am able to focus and live in the present. I don’t spend excessive amounts of time worrying about the future any more. Not that I didn’t have moments of happiness in my life previously but now 95% of the time, I am so happy, calm and relaxed at home, at work and in social situations. I always admired people who are cool and composed. I think I am one of them now and I move through life with ease. I used to stress out worrying how people think of me but that somehow magically disappeared. Being alone also stressed me out but I don’t feel lonely anymore. I am satisfied with my life right now and I don’t need another person to make me feel happy. I think it is the combination of reading self-help books, going to therapy, joining Toastmasters and practicing yoga and meditation has helped me. I now have learned to enjoy life, being positive, and believe that I am entirely in control of my own happiness. I don’t blame my wife for making my life miserable any more. It was my decision to stay with her and now it is my decision to end my relationship with her. Before if someone cut me off on the road, I would be angry and curse. Now if someone cut me off on the road, I would tell myself “that person probably has an emergency” and whether that is true or not it keeps me from getting angry. The realization that I am responsible for my own happiness has changed everything. I am having much better relationships with people around me. I focus on the positive qualities in people now and that makes me a friendlier person. I realize that when I am happy, it is hard to hate people. I used to hate a few colleagues who were jealous of my professional success but I now feel sorry for them because I know they hatred came from their own insecurities and unhappiness. I am able to reduce the tension between us and when I don’t hate them anymore, I think they also recognize it. We can’t hide our disdain for people no matter how hard we try to fake it.

I want to share my success story with you and hopefully help you to overcome your problems like I did. Sometimes in the midst of codependency, we don’t see a way out but happiness is possible if we take responsibility for our own happiness and believe that we deserve to live an anxiety free life. Good luck to you all and thank you every body for helping me.